Kansas City, MO 311 Service Requests

OpenData KC: KCMOPS311 Data

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3-1-1 Service Requests

Like some other cities, the City of Kansas City, Missouri provides access to non-emergency city services through the special 3-1-1 phone number.

Socrata open data portal

Socrata provides the open data portal for KCMO, called OpenData KC, which includes access to the KCMOPS311 data.  The KCMOPS311 data are updated every day.  

Periodic summaries

The data can be viewed online, or downloaded and analyzed.  I periodically use an R script to summarize the data in an attempt to understand what's in the data.  In particular, I'm trying to understand any health-related data.

Click on the links below to see various descriptive statistics from the latest summary of the KCMO 311 data (January 3, 2015) :

Over time I hope to improve the analysis of this data.

What was most common request type of 3-1-1 calls to the KCMO Health Department in 2014 -- and in every year since 2008?   That would be "Rat Control Treatment."  There were over 1000 calls in 2014 and over 7000 calls since 2008.

Live Data

Socrata allows the data to be embedded in other web sites, like shown below:

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